The technical difficulties have ended. I hope. In case you haven’t read last week’s column, it’s up on the site under “Bachelor 6 – 9.30.04” over in the left hand column. That would be last week. Now, if you did read it, I have to make a correction. I gave the website address away from Byron’s ex-wife, www.forevergwen.com. Well, I stand corrected. Gwen is not his ex-wife. She’s his ex-girlfriend. One that he allegedly broke up with only months before the show started taping. See for yourself. Apparently someone paid her enough to tell her side: http://www.nationalenquirer.com/stories/feature.cfm?instanceid=62483 So I take back nothing that I said about her. You wanna catch Byron’s ex-wife in action, go to your local video store and go in the room that has the beaded curtain entryway and the flourescent lighting. I’m sure she’ll be on the cover of some cardboard box in there. Byron sure knows how to pick em’. Let’s begin…

-The show starts with Byron in his room doing something while Sabrina laying on the floor doing nothing. Just Byron getting himself ready for the show I guess. I think he was writing a letter. Or looking at one of those psycho letters written to him. Whatever he was reading or writing, it was unnecessary. Show Byron in his element. Show Byron curling his hair behind his ears. Show Byron spooning with Sabrina. Show Sabrina spooning with Byron. Show him in the tanning bed. Show us anything other than him reading. Like this guy knows how to read. C’mon. Who are you kidding here? We’re not that dumb just because we watch this show.

-Byron has chosen Glenn Close…excuse me….Andrea for his first date. This does not make Jayne and her glowing face very happy. She’s so frustrated, she has to pull him aside and give him “the talk”. C’mon people. On this show, we know what “the talk” is. It goes like this, “You know, I’m really feeling a connection between us, but it’s really hard to know you’re being physical with other girls.” Oh geez. Another one. Can this stop? There’ve been 5 Bachelors, and 2 Bachelorette shows. By now, someone has to have figured out that the Bachelor/ette in question is going to be sucking face with more than one individual. And in Bob Guiney’s case, with multiple people in the same night, in the same 10 minute segment, and lying to both of their faces. But what does he care? He’s hitched now to a midget on “All My Children”. Good luck you two. Rebecca, you sure picked one heck of a guy. He’ll never stray. I mean, he only started hitting on you while he was with Estella and all. Match made in heaven.

-Byron seems to calm Shinehead’s nerves down with this beauty: “In my world, I know I’m attracted to you. I think about you, talk about you, and I ask about you.” First off, “in his world”? What other world would we be talking about, big guy? I’m sure she’s very comfortable knowing that on whatever planet you’re currently in, you’re attracted to her. Odd guy. Secondly, who exactly is he “talking” and “asking” people about Jayne to? Certainly not the other girls. That probably wouldn’t be right. Host Chris? Probably not. He’s instructed to read his cue cards then get the hell off the screen. Ad libbing might put him in a cardiac arrest. Uh oh. There he goes again. Byron having more intimate moments with Sabrina. Look By, we know you love your dog. I’m sure all of us have dogs we loved as some point in our lives. But no matter how hard you try, and no matter how cute she looks when you talk to her about Jayne, let me tell you something, Sabrina doesn’t care. Feed her, throw the frisbee with her, just don’t talk to her about Jayne. She’s jealous enough as it is.

-Commercial. Jimmy Fallon gets his first big movie role opposite Queen Latifah in “Taxi”. Hey, I’m as big a “Saturday Night Live” fan as you’ll find. And Jimmy Fallon was one of the better things on that show for the last three years. The guy’s stock is rising, he’s hosting award shows, he’s always at all the hot clubs, “US Weekly’s” got a picture of him at some party practically every week. He’s riding the success of “SNL” to bigger and better things. So why the hell is he part of this crap? What director sat down and said, “Ok, for Jimmy’s first starring comedy role, let’s put him in a taxi with that other bundle-o-laughs, Queen Latifah, and have em’ drive around New York City all crazy. That’ll be some funny sh**.” No it won’t. It’ll suck. Trust me. Now, when the movie comes out where he’s a crazed Boston Red Sox fan with Drew Barrymore (or is it Kate Hudson?), that I’ll see.

-So Byron and Andrea’s date is to the Camarillo airport on a sunset plane ride. That’s pretty cool. I’m guessing most couples first dates isn’t an all expense paid plane ride for two overlooking the city of Los Angeles. Not bad. Hell, better than watching a lip synching Brandy performance. Anyway, the first thing I noticed about this date when she met him in the limo was, “Wow. They both decided to wear lime green jello tops.” But as the date wore on, the color got better and I realized only Byron’s threads were of the lime green jello color. Andrea’s blouse was a spaghetti strapped lighter blue color. So I was completely off. Being a dental hygenist has also worked wonders on Butthead, I mean, Andrea. I keep waiting for her to call Byron a “butt munch” then start laughing. Her teeth might be straight, but I think that just covers for her R.G.S., Runaway Gum Syndrome.

-Byron has got some words of advice as they’re up in the plane: “Well, at least if we are soulmates, we’re goin’ down together.” Really? And ABC will show this? And also isn’t it a little cramped in there? How will she get her legs….forget it. This is becoming X-rated and God forbid I went that route. That’s not me. I’m ashamed to be writing such filth. By the way, with her gums, I bet you that….

-Back at the house, all the girls have a very meaningful and open conversation. Each one is asked how comfortable they feel about getting a rose at the next ceremony. Tanya took the easy way out and said, “I don’t know. I felt a connection with him, but I have no idea about his connection with any of you.” What a suck up answer. Boooooooooo. As for Cheresse, her take was different. Cheresse: “I felt a connection. But he’s out with Andrea right now, and Andrea and I are completely different.” Yes, you are. She has R.G.S. and your eyebrows start at about the middle of your eyeball. We all know how unattractive unibrows are, but if you measured each one of Cheresse’s eyebrows, and then measured the distance between her two eyebrows, you could probably fit a third one of the exact same length between the two. Maybe even a fourth. Don’t ask for a second how I noticed this. I just did. I was bored.

-Back to Andrea and Byron. Plane ride is over, and they’re back in the library of the mansion. Or some secluded room where the cameras followed them into. Andrea lays it on thick: “It’s been a lonely year for me.” Awwwwww. That’s too bad. You know, an easy way to cure that is to go buy some toys. I think they only take about 2 DD batteries. Maybe four if you’re looking for the industrial sized ones that’ll jump start a car. Don’t know what you’re into. But there’s ways to get around being lonely if you’re a woman. Guys, we don’t have toys. Just hands and creams. Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I’m 29 years old. I think it’s about time I grow up at some point. Yeah, right. I think I just realized what an overgrown kid I am. Oh well.

-So these two lovebirds are feeding each other dessert and, what do you know, Byron starts attacking her. Very playful, very fun at first, then the minute the whip cream goes in her mouth, he feels it’s an automatic invitation for his tongue to follow. I tell ya’, there’s nothing more I like seeing than two people feeding each other dessert, then eating out of each other’s mouths. God how sexy that is. Reminds of the SNL skit when Julianna Marguiles hosted and they all just regurgitated food into each other’s mouths. One of the funnier skits in recent memory. Except Byron and the Stalker weren’t funny. They were obnoxious.

-Ben Affleck’s got another bomb coming out, it’s called “Saving Christmas”. It also stars James Gandolfini, and a couple of other people I forgot to write down. You know why it’ll suck? It’s coming out October 22nd. “Saving Christmas”. Oct. 22nd. You do the calendar search. I mean, last time I checked, did they release “Halloween” on Cinco de Mayo? Usually themed movies like this are released around the time they’re set in. Uhhhh, apparently not “Saving Christmas.” Boy, Ben is starting to put out some real stinkers. I’m guessing “Saving Christmas” will make “Reindeer Games” look like the “Lord of the Rings”. Keep em’ comin’ Benjamin. And quit stealing Noel’s wife.

-Host Chris, looking quite anorexic I might add, comes in to announce that Byron’s next date is a mystery date, but it will be will none of the 10 remaining ladies. We are now in full freak-out mode amongst everyone there. No one knows what’s going on. Host Chris gives Byron an envelope with a “?” mark on it, and tells the ladies they will be receiving something on Byron’s date when he leaves. Then Host Chris has a ½ a bite of a peanut before heading to bed. Someone get this guy to a hospital. He’s 110 lbs. soaking wet. I guarantee you. Go on Krysta’s diet or something. She surely hasn’t missed too many meals lately. More on Eggy in a few. She really outdid herself in the last ½ hour tonight.

-So Byron’s note just says to drive to a certain location, and the girls are trying to figure out who the mystery date could be. And their guesses aren’t anywhere close. Elizabeth: “It could be someone who’s left the house, or it could be an ex.” Ummm, Elizabeth, may I call you Elizabeth? Quick question: Who are you and how are you still on this show? Didn’t you read the paperwork that you signed before coming on here? It clearly states that no minority will ever get more than 7 seconds of airtime, and would have to sleep with one of the producers before getting past the 2nd episode. Apparently she’s good in bed based on the fact that she hasn’t gone out on one date, has barely spoken to the camera, is a minority, yet is still here. A woman who knows how to work her way to the top. Hey, gotta give her credit.

-Cheresse comes to us with the Quote of the Night: “Byron’s date is probably gonna be with another woman.” Wow. She figured that out all by herself? Based off what clues? I mean, Cheresse clearly has just leapfrogged everyone else in the house just off her deductive reasoning capabilities. “Byron’s going out on a mystery date. Byron is a man. Therefore, Byron’s mystery date will be another woman.” Ho-lee sh**. Unheard of. And you wonder why she’s gotten the first rose at previous rose ceremony. Her and By are on the same wavelength. I just don’t what wavelength that is or where it’s headed. Jayne. Cheresse. Cheresse. Jayne. Ol’ Byron’s got a huge decision to make.

-So Byron leaves for his date in some Pontiac Grand Am. Since when do they make the bachelor pick up the girls in a rental car? That Pontiac they put him in had no business being on the show. The Bachelor’s not supposed to be driving anywhere. He’s the Bachelor. He’s supposed to get extravagant dates all prepaid and chauffered. And considering the three of them all arrived back at the mansion in a limo? Please. Did they just give it away like Oprah, even though she didn’t pay a cent for any of those 230 cars? Once again, how dumb do they think we are? I may be a grown man sitting down with a pen and paper pausing my TiVo during this 60 minutes, but dammit, quit insulting my intelligence.

-So a videotape arrives at the ladies house, and Humpty Dumpty runs outside to get it which marks the 32nd time Krysta is the first one to run outside and receive the girl’s “gift”. Either this rolly polly is in the right place at the right time, or she’s just plain psychotic. I’ll have to go with the latter on this one. Normal people don’t act the way she does. I wonder when she sits back and watches the show if she realizes what absolute ass she’s making of herself. Or does she honestly sit at home, or on her wall, every week and say, “You know what? I really thought I came across as presentable in this show. I’m happy with my performance. Uh, no babe. There isn’t a single person outside of family and friends who likes you. You make Trish look like Jen Scheft.

-The two returning girls are Heather from Season 2, and Mary from Season 4, which proved the rumors to be true. The girls back at the house get to see a video clip of each girl so they can immediately begin making their catty comments. I mean, not four seconds after that video popped in, was one girl leading the charge - Eggplant is at it again. Krysta: “Heather is Ms. Cheerleader and Ms. Pageant girl. Too much. Too freakin’ much. And Mary, ‘Oh my God, my ovaries! They’re drying up. I gotta have my baby tomorrow.” Wow. Krysta’s on fire. The jealousy and the envy couldn’t be any less subtle if she tried. Actually, I thought the Mary line was pretty funny. Let’s face it, Mary is looking for a sperm donor right now. But who would’ve thought that Humpty would be the first one to pounce on her saying how much they didn’t want the two new girls here? Raise your hand if you did. Ok, you can all put them down now.

-So Byron drives to this secluded location and walks through a door with a big “?” on it. Boy, they’re really playing this mystery thing out. Looks like a place Scooby Doo and the gang would’ve visited. And when they got there, Shaggy and Scooby would’ve split up, while Fred, Daphne, and Velma went their way to search for clues. Shaggy and Scooby would inevitably run into the space ghost first and be chased for a good 2 or 3 minutes before fooling the creature by hiding in some costume that happened to be lying around. Then they’d run back to other three, tell them of their encounter, then Fred would zip up his pants to pretend like he didn’t just have wild sex with Daphne, create a plan that would always be perfect for catching whatever-it-was they were chasing, but Scooby or Shaggy would screw it up somehow, before eventually the monster-ghost-sea creature-oversized gorilla would get caught, they’d take off it’s mask, all say in unison who it was and what his profession was (“It’s Mr. Crotchety-Old-Man, the janitor!”) only to reveal it was a character no one remembered. I was baffled every time that mask came off. And whoever tried to scare the kids off always was pissed at them for meddling. Great f***in show.

-Where was I going with that? Oh yeah, so Byron goes into this apartment with the “?” on the door, and awaits his mystery dates. Up the elevator come Mary and Heather, and Byron greets them. Though, Byron’s never watched the “Bachelor” before so he has no idea who these chicks are. Which made the whole “mystery” thing kind of anti-climatic if you ask me. If he was familiar with the show, then yeah, I think it’s a good twist. But when he’s never seen this before, and doesn’t realize Mary would like to conceive a child right now, it really loses its sense of mystery. As for Heather, I don’t know anything about her because I never watched her season. She’s 32, she’s a flight attendant, she lives in Texas, and she has a thick twang. Other than that, I don’t know a single thing about her. Although the video they showed the girls did have her making out with Aaron in the pool. So she basically fits right in with the others.

-Heather pulls Byron aside to promote herself a little more. Heather: “I’m looking for someone to love me for me and someone who wants to have a family and grow old together.” It was at this point, I re-typed in Byron’s ex-girlfriend’s email address and realized that Heather kinda looks like Gwen in her own exotic, stripper-like way. The facial features were a bit similar. I mean don’t get me wrong, Gwen’s plastic surgery and overblown lips don’t make them look like twins, but I kinda see a resemblance. This didn’t bode well for Heather apparently. She isn’t stripper enough for Byron.

-Back at the house, the ladies are gossiping about the new girls moving in, and Eggo is front and center once again. “My ass is stayin’ up til he gets home, I don’t care how late it is. I wanna find out what happened.” Why does that not surprise me? Krysta’s not dumb, she knows these chicks are competition to her roundness, so of course she’s jealous. Now we know why they’ve shown going to commercial three times, Krysta jumping naked into the pool to impress Byron with her voice over saying, “I’ll have sex with him right now”. Which was a giant tease considering when they aired it. Plus, it also kinda gave away the ending to the Rose Ceremony.

-Byron and Mary are alone now. She’s tossed her birth control pills out right in front of him, she’s ready to conceive, and asks Byron if now is too early. Kidding. Anyway, Byron asks her, “Why are you single?”, to which Mary responds, “Because I won’t settle.” Then goes on to say how she’s at a great point in her life and all she’s missing is creating that family, blah blah blah blah. And Byron tells some hokey pokey story about how seeing other guys on the Pro Bass Fishing Tour who have families that are so excited to see them after coming back from a big event, yada yada yada. I lost interest about half way through. These two’s children’s stories made me nauseous. Go do it somewhere and get it over with, why don’t you. Geez. Actually, when Byron asked Mary, “Why are you single?”, the appropriate answer should’ve been, “Because Bob dumped me after I scared him off with my yearning to have a child before the episode was over.”

-Mary: “Byron is here for the right reasons. He knows what he wants. I definitely see potential in him. I’m intrigued.” Translation: “He’s the one I want. But if he’s shooting blanks right from the get-go, I need to find out if he’s down for artificial insemination.” Or, it could’ve had a second meaning along the lines of, “F**k Bob. What the hell was I thinking balling over his fat ass. This redneck is the one for me.” You know what they say? Women say one thing but mean something else.

-Mary and Heather come back to the house where, shocker, all the girls are still up waiting to greet them. They come in from outside where they were hot tubbing it to meet and greet their two new roommates that they all despise with a passion. Except Krysta. I know, I know. She’s been talking the most crap about both girls since it was announced they were moving back in, but after such a genuine, “So nice to meet you” handshake, and the fact that Krysta’s headlights were on after coming in from the pool, I’m thinking maybe her Eggness is actually turned on by both of these women. Nobody told Krysta she was suffering from THO when they greeted Mary and Heather. But I guess that’s what you get if you’re a female sometimes. Some things you just can’t control.

-Mary and Heather are already feeling left out of the group, so they head upstairs while everyone stays downstairs to make fun of them. Krysta’s leading the charge with horrible, overexaggerated impression of Heather. I find the differences between the “Bachelor” and the “Bachelorette” so fascinating. Chris Rock is right. “Women hate women.” That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Women hate women. I’ve seen too many instances of it in my life to not firmly believe that 100%. This show is a prime example. We all know they’re competing for the same guy, and the claws are out. But on the “Bachelorette”, when guys are competing for the same girl, it’s a competition thing. The guys don’t hate the other guy’s with a passion and talk sh** about the other guys, they just try to make themselves look better. Not with women. They’re goal is to make themselves look good, by making sure the other girls look bad. And they’ll stop at nothing to do it. This show could be a psychological study on the difference between men and women. Just put it on a sticky pad and remember it: Women hate women.

-The next day, while the original ten girls are laying out getting tans, the newbies are on the other side of pool being treated like lepers. And, surprise of all surprises, the original ten are sitting around gossiping about how much they don’t like the other two. Pretty much for no other reason than that they’re just more competition. Andrea: “I thought Heather acted like a slut in that video with Aaron.” Well who gives a rat’s ass? That was four seasons ago? Maybe the girl has changed her approach? Maybe she’ll only straddle Byron in jeans this time instead of a cocktail dress like she did with Aaron. But Andrea doesn’t stop there, when Byron comes poolside, Andrea whispers to him, “In my opinion, they’re not your type.” Wow. Stalker girl talking the new girls down. Never would’ve seen that coming. Women hate women. Just say it. Memorize it. Live by it.

-Commercial. So a judge ruled today that in Kobe Bryant’s civil trial, which will never come about by the way, his accuser’s name must be identified in all court proceedings. Perfect. I mean, we’re over a year now since this incident happened, and anyone who’s remotely followed this case has got to know that Kate Faber’s life is ruined. Granted, she’ll get her money, probably in upwards of $10 million, which they’ll settle out of court, but her character has taken a beating over the last year. As it should. I guess she got what she wanted though. Money. I’ve been as critical of Kobe as anyone, but basically what everyone was saying about this girl from day one was true. She was a liar, she fabricated her story, she CHANGED her story as the case dragged on, and she wouldn’t be able to withstand the heat once the case got closer to trial. I find the whole case laughable after the fact. What a bizarre 14 months that was.

-Byron’s got his choice for the three “Last Groveling Speeches”. He chooses Suzie, Heather, and Cheresse. Suzie’s up first and tells him not to take her distance from him as a sign she didn’t like him, but that “she’s starting to develop feelings.” Goodbye Suzie. Distance is never a good thing in this game. You gotta either be smoking hot, or an over-the-top ho’ bag like Krysta, and frankly, you’re neither.

-Heather’s turn to beg and plead. Their conversation went nowhere. She was talking about rose ceremonies and how nerve racking they are. He says he agrees. She tells him they’ll get better. He’s not so sure. Huh? Where is this conversation going? This is your last chance to get on your knees and beg for a rose. Quit talking about your past experience in the game. He doesn’t want to hear that. From a distance, Krysta’s giving her opinion on how Byron and Heather’s conversation is going. “They’re sitting very far away from each other. I don’t think he’s into her.” Oh please. Someone throw this chick in the pool. Not like it’ll matter. She’ll just take all her clothes off again and pretend that’s what she wanted to happen. And yes, we’re still waiting for them to show that scene.

-Cheresse’s gets her last pleading session. Byron: “Where have you been? On our first date, I really felt something. Since then, I don’t know what’s happened.” Ouch. Probably didn’t want to hear that. Cheresse apparently just assumed because of her connection on the first date, Byron would ask her out again. But as we all know, when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. I hate that saying. I’ll assume anything I want. And I assume that Byron wants more sex from Cheresse and he just wants to double check she’ll still give it up. Even with her giant eyebrow gap. And her receiving a rose at the rose ceremony proved my assumption to be right. I love assuming. I’ll assume anything on this show. That what makes it so much fun.

-Commercial. “Life As We Know It” begins Friday night on ABC. One of those teen shows that normally would be right up my alley in watching. Can’t on this one. Why? Because Kelly Osborne’s on it and she plays one of the guys’ love interests. I’m sorry. The Osborne’s are so played out. I thought they disappeared forever. And of all the Osborne’s, isn’t Kelly the one America would like to see the least? I mean, at least Jack was pervert with a drinking problem. Ozzy had lost his mind. And Sharon ran the whole show. What did Kelly do besides stand around, be plump, never look attractive, and annoy the hell out of people? For that she gets on a network show? I don’t get it. Well, maybe that’s why it’s on Friday nights.

-Rose Ceremony time. Host Chris has a big announcement. He just passed remedial math. “Ladies, there are 12 of you. 8 roses to give away. 4 of you will be going home.” Thank you for that, Chris. You are such a big help to us all. I’d be lost without your guidance on this show. Like, when he’s given 7 roses away, I’d be screaming to myself, “How many does he have left?! God, I wish they had someone to tell us these things!” You’re a life saver, Chris.

-Byron: “We’re all looking for the same thing….true love…a life partner….” Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get on with this nonsense.

Andrea: She’s got large gums.
Jayne: Her face glows. And no kiss or hug for Byron. That’s gotta be a first. Who doesn’t at least hug the guy who kept them in the game?
Elizabeth: WHAT?
Cheresse: “Hmmmm…..yes, I’ll accept.” Very cute. That hesitation might have gotten you booted next week, and I don’t care if you’re kidding. Stop toying with Byron’s emotions. He’s a very sensitive guy. And none of you look like strippers, none of your are his type, and we already know this isn’t going to work out. Oops.
Tanya: We didn’t see much of her this episode. Go Plano!
Mary: At what age does menopause kick in? How many years of fertility does this chick have left?
Cindy: Kinda has a Darryl-Hannah-in-“Splash” look to her, even though Cindy’s 37. Not Darryl Hannah now. You seen her now? She looks about 60. And 95 lbs. What happened to her?

-“Ladies….Cheesedick….final rose of the night…when you’re ready.” Savior Chris couldn’t have come at a better time. I was having a panic attack.

Krysta: See, here’s where they screwed up. They had teased a scene of her jumping into the pool naked three times going to commercial, yet they hadn’t showed the actual scene yet. We know the rose ceremony is the last part of the show, so they wouldn’t show a scene like that with a chick who wasn’t gonna be around anymore. Especially with all the attention this pig has brought to herself. So if you put 2 and 2 together, you could kinda figure she was getting the last rose. Plus, they’ve never given so much camera time, and focused so much on someone’s cattiness if they weren’t going to be around for a bit.

-As the guitar solo plays gently in the background, the four booted ones give the cameras their sob story before leaving. Heather says coming back to the show was hard. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.” This was? Hardest thing ever? Wow. Some life you must lead. What was so difficult about this? You haven’t parlayed your first television appearance into anything significant so you tried to get another 15 minutes of fame. That was a tough decision? Yikes.

-Amanda: “I guess I wasn’t aggressive enough in showing Byron I was into him.” Boy, tough year for Estella. First Bob, now this. Well, at least Byron didn’t give her some bogus promise ring then dump her at Meredith and Ian’s wedding after already running off with one of the bridesmaids. Then a month later start shacking up with some chick from “Passions”. Or maybe he has. Guess we don’t know yet. Although, any interview you hear or read with Byron says how happy he is with who he’s chosen, he talks to her everyday, and he can’t wait to see her again. Yeah, yeah. It’s what they’ve all said. Then when they finally get to sit down and have the relationship they’ve had to put on hold, she’ll realize he fishes for a living, he’ll realize she’s nothing like the strippers he used to date and marry, and they’ll break up.

-Kristie: Only dumped girl who cried. Apparently her notes at night weren’t enough to woo Byron. Either that, or Egg Head threw her under the bus any chance she could get.

-Next week, “a pajama party turns to complete drama”. With these girls? Drama? Impossible. Next week’s episode looks really good. Pillow fighting, girls running around the house in their nighties, chicks sneaking to Byron’s room for BJ’s, more crying, and Host Chris fumbling on a cue card. Down to the Elite Eight. Next week, he bumps off two. My guess: Cynthia and Elizabeth.

-So as they’re rolling the credits, they show the scene of the girls playing “Truth or Dare”, and someone dares the Egg to roll herself into the pool naked. Of course she does it, Byron watches, and nothing happens. Pretty uneventful. What happened to the voice over of her saying she’d have sex with him? Quit teasing us with this stuff. We need things like that. Makes the show much more entertaining when the ugliest chick whores herself out to win over a man’s heart. Until next week….

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